Animal Footprint Shoes: Confusing City Dwellers, One Step At A Time

Canadian artist Maskull Lasserre has created these pretty hilarious shoes that mimic animal footprints. The shoes were made so that fun could be had by wearing them in urban areas, leaving passersby rather confused by what appears to be the tracks of bear, rabbit, and deer that are running loose around the city.

animal-footprint-shoes-enpundit-1 animal-footprint-shoes-enpundit-2 animal-footprint-shoes-enpundit-3 animal-footprint-shoes-enpundit-4 animal-footprint-shoes-enpundit-5 animal-footprint-shoes-enpundit-6 animal-footprint-shoes-enpundit-7 animal-footprint-shoes-enpundit-9 animal-footprint-shoes-enpundit-8

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