Dog Finds New Home In Time For Christmas After Being Stranded For 3 Weeks With Broken Leg

A dog who was found close to death atop a 2,000 ft peak in Northern England after being stranded there for 3 weeks with a broken leg, has found a new home in time for Christmas.

The Lurcher-Saluki cross, nicknamed Wufra, was 22 pounds underweight when he was found, and he was stuck up there for so long that the grass had started to die around him. Rescuers believe he was likely hurt while chasing a rabbit up the hill.

Vets predicted Wufra just had two hours to live.

“The day he was brought into us we were told that his organs were failing and his heartbeat was half what it should have been. He was so skinny and I had to hold him up if he needed the toilet because he just didn’t have the strength to lift himself,” said his new owner Helen Coates.

Thankfully, two months later Wufra has made a wonderful recovery and enjoys running around in the backyard of his new home.

Helen added, “I think if he’d been found just a few hours later it would have been a different story. He’s been loving all the visitors he’s been getting too and they often find him lying flat out on the sofa with his legs in the air. He has a huge pile of presents all wrapped up waiting for him on Christmas Day.”

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