The Everyday Life of a Japanese Grandmother and Her Cat

Japanese photographer Miyoko Ihara has created this wonderful photo series, capturing the everyday life of her grandmother and her cat, Fukumaru. The adorable pair have been inseparable ever since her grandmother found Fukumaru hiding out in her shed.

Ihara has published a book of the beautiful series, which is available for purchase here.

grandmother-and-cat-miyoko-ihara-1 grandmother-and-cat-miyoko-ihara-2 grandmother-and-cat-miyoko-ihara-4 grandmother-and-cat-miyoko-ihara-6 grandmother-and-cat-miyoko-ihara-8 grandmother-and-cat-miyoko-ihara-10 grandmother-and-cat-miyoko-ihara-11 grandmother-and-cat-miyoko-ihara-14 grandmother-and-cat-miyoko-ihara-15 grandmother-and-cat-miyoko-ihara-12

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