A Lion And Dachshund Dog Have Become The Best Of Friends

Five years ago this magnificent lion pictured below was born with a metabolic bone disease that left him mildly disabled. A young dachshund named Milo sensed that the lion cub was different and took him under his wing. He even introduced him to his pack of other dachshunds at the Oklahoma exotic animal park.

Now five years later, the two have become inseparable best friends (they don’t seem to notice the 500 pound difference between them). The unlikely pair are often seen playing together, cuddling, and even enjoying meal time side by side.

lion-dachshund-best-friends-1 lion-dachshund-best-friends-2 lion-dachshund-best-friends-3 lion-dachshund-best-friends-4 lion-dachshund-best-friends-5 lion-dachshund-best-friends-6 lion-dachshund-best-friends-7

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