Meet Trotter, Possibly The World’s Most Fashionable Dog

San Francisco-based photographer Sonya Yu has captured some adorable photos of her one year old French Bulldog named Trotter. Apparently Trotter enjoys playing dress-up (with accessories like these, who wouldn’t?), so Yu has taken it upon herself to document him and all his wonderful little outfits.

dog-costumes-trotter-1 dog-costumes-trotter-2 dog-costumes-trotter-3 dog-costumes-trotter-4 dog-costumes-trotter-5 dog-costumes-trotter-6 dog-costumes-trotter-7 dog-costumes-trotter-8 dog-costumes-trotter-9 dog-costumes-trotter-10 dog-costumes-trotter-11 dog-costumes-trotter-12 dog-costumes-trotter-13 dog-costumes-trotter-14

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